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Buddha Head Set Sculptures

Buddha Head Set Sculptures have symbolic meanings and are associated with peace and tranquility. These sculptures are designed from hard-wearing aluminum and other metals to add high durability and strength. These heads are designed with clear and sharp facial features along with curly and short hair. They are designed to provide peace of mind to users and make them get relief from greed, hatred and other negative energies. They are also one of the better gifts and showpieces to invite joy and well being into your home. The Buddha Head Set Sculptures we offer are enthusiastically handcrafted by artisans to bring matchless clarity and finishing to the sculptures.  

Key Features:

  • Also offered in the form of beautifully handcrafted lanterns
  • Suitable for use in home & garden d├ęcor because of corrosion resistant finishes
  • Calm resoluteness and peaceful poise maintained in every Buddha statue
  • Good surface finish magnifying the unique beauty of every piece
Buddha Head Set Sculptures
Buddha Head Set Sculptures
Supply Ability : As per the order Per Day